Start A Business In Just 7 Days – FA181


To Fail Fast You Must Implement Faster…

Very good friend of The Foolish Adventure Show, Dan Norris shares how he has built 3 businesses in a handful of months and one of them in just 7 days. Literally.

He went from idea to customers in 7 days.

Too many people get hung up on finding the perfect idea, a perfected product, and perfect timing and NEVER get anything going. In this episode you’ll see how Dan tried to build the perfect product and nearly a year later was out of money and out of time — it was either get something to succeed in two weeks or get a job. Well, six months later he still doesn’t have a job.

Listen in to see how he did it.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

Start A Business In Just 7 Days With Dan Norris – FA181
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  1. Great episode guys, loved it.

    And Tim, to answer your question re Calls to Action per post in Aweber or Mailchimp, just dump those tools and move to Infusionsoft already.

    If you need some help i might know someone… 😉

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