From Laid Off To Six Figure Supermom With Lain Ehmann – FA166


Do What You Love and Love What You Do…

For the penultimate show of our women in entrepreneurship series, regular guest Lain Ehmann returns to the Foolish Adventure Show to give us a little more about who she is and her incredible journey.

Lain is a former journalist who left her career behind to pursue something which she loved. Within three years she has transformed her life and turned her passion of scrapbooking in to a six-figure business. What’s more, she’s managed to pull it all off while raising three kids and releasing several books.

From this episode, you’ll get some amazing tips on how to make a solid income from something that you truly love doing. Listen in as Lain shares her secrets on business preparation, execution and how to avoid turning your favorite hobby in to your worst nightmare.

Ignite Your Passion…

  • Finding your unfair advantage.
  • Domain expertise and getting a leg up.
  • Finding and utilising your ‘secret sauce’.
  • Doing what your competitors won’t do.
  • Getting the most out of a partnership.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

From Laid Off To Six Figure Supermom With Lain Ehmann – FA166
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