How To Use TweetAdder To Grow Your Followers & Explode Your Traffic

Plucked Right From The Foolish University Training Library

I’m not a big advocate of automation for social media since it takes most of the social out of it. However, I was impressed by the way FAU member, Kevin Railsback, used TweetAdder to grow his Twitter following and greatly increase his site traffic.

His approach is much less automated than the spam following approach most so-called marketers & social media experts where they try to follow thousands at a time in hopes that people will auto-follow them back. They also never try to engage with these auto-follows other than hoping those new followers happen to click the links they tweet out. This isn’t audience building.

Kevin took TweetAdder and laser-targeted the people he wanted to connect with and then started conversations with these people. I know… totally radical concept!

Go download the FREE fully-functional demo of TweetAdder so you can implement the training in the video below.

Download the video.

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  1. The number of followers has continued to grow.
    The more I engage followers, the more retweets I’m getting as well as getting some great feedback.
    I’m actually getting more feedback from Twitter followers than I am from my Facebook page.
    I’ll tweet a bunch of quotations about nature, wildlife, the environment etc that people readily retweet. Then when I post a new article or video, I tweet that out and get quite a few retweets from those as well. The latest video I posted had the highest number of retweets I’ve ever had.
    I love using TweetAdder because it finds people that are interested in my niche and those people are much easier to engage.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Great video. How are you managing your stream since you are following over 3,000 on your account. I do actually use my Twitter Stream to keep up with the latest in my niche from other influential people as well as others I choose to, and feel that that would be lost using Tweet Adder.


      1. Matt,
        It’s all about lists. Periodically I go through the entire stream of tweets and when I find tweets that like I add that person to a list.

        It’s much easier to go through a few lists every morning than to try and tackle the entire stream. Heck, by the time I check one list, there could be 60 new tweets posted.
        So if I’m sitting waiting for my oil to get changed or some other time when I have my iPad and I’m waiting for something, I’ll go over the whole stream and add those people to lists if they are posting some good stuff.

        I guess that’s another reason to tweet often because if people only tweet one a week or so, I’ll probably miss them when I go through the stream.

        1. I wonder how many people use apps that don’t let them miss any tweet of given people. I mean we’re assuming people check Twitter from time to time and view only the recent posts, but some apps like the Silver Bird extension for Chrome (which I highly recommend) or I think HootSuite for Android / iPhone deliver all the messages that particular people write. For those people, tweeting the same thing a few times can be irritating. I guess the easy solution here would be to eliminate double tweets by apps, but people still would have to use them to make that work. So, I don’t know… What are your thoughts?

          1. I pretty much use Twitelator on my iPad to follow my lists etc. Very rarely do I actually check out Twitter on my laptop.

            I can go several days without checking tweets and still see what everyone on my list has tweeted.
            For example I last checked Twitelator yesterday afternoon. This morning my Nature Filmmakers list only had 38 new tweets to go through. My main feed had hundreds.

            The Nature Filmmakers list is my main list that I track the most.
            Some people like Phillip Bloom who I have on a list can put up a mazillion tweets in a day, so he’s on another list that I don’t check religiously.

            I’ve heard a lot of good things about HootSuite but I’m used to running Twitelator on my iPad so I may have to check it out and see if it’s any better.
            I just checked to see how many lists my tweets show up on. Looks like 91 people must like what I have to say. 🙂

            But take a look at creating lists. I think you’ll find that it makes managing tweets much, much easier.

  2. I am finding that the more I interact with my fans on FB and Twitter the more it grows. Not only does it feel great to help people, but they in turn spread the word about you. I’ve received several e-mails about how a friend told them about me. Will check out Tweet Adder. My company uses it as well with similar success by following what you do – interact, engage and provide value.

    1. Just something as simple as saying “Hey, thanks for the retweet” is enough to open the door and start a conversation. But I usually add on a “what do you want to see more of” to give them something to reply on.
      It’s hard to believe that at one time I couldn’t see the value of Twitter, now I wish I had jumped on it sooner!

        1. Yep, those thanks for the follows come in as direct messages.
          I think most people waste the opportunity when they send just a Hey, thanks for the follow message.
          In mine it tells them to check out some of my nature and wildlife films then has the link to my website. I mean the whole idea is to bring traffic into your site.
          But if you follow a lot of people it can get tedious to go through all the thanks for the follows and overlook a direct message from someone that you don’t want to miss.

  3. That’s really valuable. Thanks for sharing it, Tim.

    A thing that came to my mind is to export the found tweets with a keyword in them, import it to a spreadsheet and sort by users who had most tweets with that keyword to find the real influencers and not random people who used that keyword only once. Then you could try to get on those people’s radar.

    1. I look at everyone that follows me as valuable. It’s kind of like the story about was it Jackson Brown I think who sent in a demo tape that ended up in the trash and a secretary fished it out, listened to it and told her boss you need to listen to this.
      So, I have my lists of the people that I feel are tweeting a lot about my niche and keeping up to speed on what’s happening everywhere. Those are also the ones that I try to engage the most as well.

      But it only takes that one tweet that someone sees that then retweets it and it ends up on the screen of someone that can open doors.

      So while I keep tabs on the folks that tweet my keywords the most, I’m more interested in reaching the people that follow me and the ones that follow them.

      1. Okay, good points. So a 2nd list (aside from the main “following” one) like “Retweeters & @mentioners” would be a good idea, right?
        Let me also ask you this: does it make a difference if I type the twitter handle at the beginning of the post or at the end?
        Btw you have a good looking site. I’m really thankful for your replies, Kevin.

        1. I actually have several lists. Nature Filmmakers is my main list that I check all the time. Then I have Nature Photographers and a couple others.
          By twitter handle are you talking about tagging someone with the @? Or like a hash tag?
          I always throw has tags at the end. I hate reading #tweets that use #hash tags within the #tweets themselves as I think it makes it harder to #read.
          If I’m sending someone a direct message, I always just have their tag at the beginning.

          1. Ah, ok I gotcha. Unless you actually create a direct message either way is going to go public.
            As soon as I hitthe compose new tweet it says right at the top public tweet. So I would have to use direct message to send a private message and since Tim doesn’t follow me on twitter, I’d have to send a public tweet regardless.
            They have to be following you as well in order to message them privately. Otherwise it’s all public.

  4. Oh and also, I don’t really see the point in refollowing everyone. Twitter becomes useless at that point for gathering knowledge, but I may be wrong 🙂 I’m using it only for like a month now and it’s really good if you follow people who don’t spam and put out BS tweets about their morning meal every day 🙂

  5. Kevin, Thanks for making the video! Question: What intel do you have about the “word on the street” that twitter has suspended accounts that are using tweet adder? I started reading about this happening about a year ago and since have stopped using tweet adder and deleted the program from my doc. I believe the “felons” were adding substantial numbers of followers per day, which was triggering a flag at twitter HQ. All “hearsay…” do you have any perspective about this?

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