How To Use TweetAdder To Grow Your Followers & Explode Your Traffic

Plucked Right From The Foolish University Training Library

I’m not a big advocate of automation for social media since it takes most of the social out of it. However, I was impressed by the way FAU member, Kevin Railsback, used TweetAdder to grow his Twitter following and greatly increase his site traffic.

His approach is much less automated than the spam following approach most so-called marketers & social media experts where they try to follow thousands at a time in hopes that people will auto-follow them back. They also never try to engage with these auto-follows other than hoping those new followers happen to click the links they tweet out. This isn’t audience building.

Kevin took TweetAdder and laser-targeted the people he wanted to connect with and then started conversations with these people. I know… totally radical concept!

Go download the FREE fully-functional demo of TweetAdder so you can implement the training in the video below.

Download the video.

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