Website Design: 5 Things You MUST Do & 5 Things To NEVER Do – FA106

Have You Made These Same Mistakes On Your Website?

My Mate from Down Under, Dan Norris of (links to episode I did on Dan’s show) joins me today to school me on some web design Do’s and Don’ts.

And oh, buddy…

I needed some schooling. I admit to a HUGE design mistake for the Foolish Adventure redesign that I’ve delayed because of how badly I messed up.

And let’s not even bring up the lame design that is Foolish Adventure currently (it was just meant to be temporary and nearly 2 years later it’s still there).

I was thinking that I would list the 5 things you must do and the 5 things to never do, but I don’t want you to think you already understand them. Dan brings some unique explanation why he chose these to focus on in this episode. So you’ll just have to listen to find out how to make your website design not suck.

Tim “Design Challenged” Conley

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