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Do You Have A Valuable Message To Share?

My guest, Mark Manson of (and member of my mastermind), started with dating advice and found that he had a deeper, more valuable message to share with the world.

This message now affords him a great lifestyle — one with the opportunity to be his own boss, live and travel to anywhere he desires and make a good income. In this episode, Mark and I talk about how he was able to become a successful blogger. We talk about the work he did to get there. Hint: success is a process, not an event.

Mark has a glamorous life and we both believe that if you are dedicated to working the process you could have a life similar to his, or even better, a fulfilling life of your own making.

Listen in to hear the process Mark went through to get where he is now. But you’ll also hear that the process hasn’t ended. He has a grander vision of his life and the message he shares with the world to stop at this “success.”

We also talk about the three interns he hired and brought to Columbia. This should have been a tale unto itself. There are some great lessons to learn from his hiring experience especially what he learned about his business.

Have a listen and…

Enjoy your Foolish Adventure,

Tim “Premasculine” Conley

FA126 – Work From Anywhere By Building A Lifestyle Design Business

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  1. I love technology, I hope the Internet as we know it does not get censored or controlled. Where else can you be listening to a podcast on lifestyle design,look up a link from the show notes and come away with an education on pick up artists, positive male roles, and S&M gotta love it 🙂
    Thanks Tim always enjoy your content
    CyA Russell

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