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TIM411: Ask Me Anything

What Is This TIM411 Podcast About?

The short version…

You send me a question and I answer it.

My clients pay me well to coach them to transform them from a founder into a leader of their company. They get to access my years of business experience, depth and breadth of entrepreneurial knowledge, and my ability to quickly identify leverage points in their business.

So one day my good friend, Dan Andrews of TropicalMBA fame, said I should start a podcast again that had an element of me sharing and teaching the insights I’ve gained over my career working with entrepreneurs.

It hit me…

Instead of me only coming up with topics to teach, I would ask you to send me the questions you need answered. Like they say, “if one person has a question there’s dozens of others who have it too.”

This show will answer your question specifically for you, and all those others out there with the same question will benefit too.

Sound cool? It sounds freakin’ awesome to me.

So… Let’s A some Qs!

1. Get Your Voice On An Episode…

2. Or Tweet Your Question…

You can tweet your question with #TIM411 and I’ll take a screenshot of it for the episode post and read your question on the show.

3. Or Write Out Your Question & I’ll Read It

TIM411 Episodes

What To Do When You F*ck Up

Today on TIM411, Tim answers the question, "I F'd up. What should I do?" “It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute.” ~ Will Rogers Integrity and strength of character will save you from many of your own mistakes. Listen in…


How To Transition From Consulting To Products

Tim answers a question from "The Danish Entrepreneur", "How can I transition from consulting to products?" Tim doesn't go directly at the question with a step-by-step answer on how to turn consulting intellectual property into a product -- both are a form of transferring knowledge and experience. Instead, Tim focuses…


How To Acquire Short Term Debt

Today on the show, Tim answers the question, "How Can I Acquire Short Term Debt For Inventory?" Tim has limited knowledge in this space, but does his best to answer with sources (outside of a line of credit or credit card) to buy inventory for a fast growing company.


How To Know What Information You Need To Succeed

A question came in asking, "How Can I Know What Information I Need To Succeed?"


How Do I Get All The Work Done?

TIM411 - Ask Me Anything - Season 2 Episode 2 In this episode, Tim answers the question, "How do I get all the work done?" It's a matter of vision of the future and the priorities needed to get there. Tim covers the steps to getting there by setting your…


Return of TIM411

TIM411 is back with season 2 -- now a video podcast, too. You can watch episodes on my FB page here: http://bit.ly/timconleyfb In this week's episode, AJ Silvers asks, "Do you hire ahead of the curve or wait until you are absolutely swamped with work?" Inside you'll learn when to…


TIM411: How To Help Employees Get To The Next Level

Today on TIM411, Tim answers the question, "Some employees say they want to move to the next level, but then they procrastinate. Any ideas?" You have to stop treating employees as an entrepreneur. If your employees signal that they want to level up, you need to sit down with them…


TIM411: How To Defeat Entrepreneurial Procrastination

Today on TIM411, Tim shares an insight from a conversation with a prospective client. "I can't do anything if I can't do everything." Too many entrepreneurs, even Tim, are perfectionists and let the huge scope of a project interfere with accomplishing it. Listen in to learn how to overcome your…


TIM411: When Should I Set A Lower Price Point?

Today on TIM411, Tim answers the question, "When should I set a lower price point?" Tim is famous for saying "add a zero" when asked about pricing. He wants you to find a way to add so much value that customers would be willing to give you ten times more…


TIM411: How To Get Knowledge From My Head To My Team

Today on TIM411, Tim answers the question, "How to lead my small team when I have most of the business knowledge in my head?" This is a really good question as it is a problem many entrepreneurs face this problem all the time. Tim shares how you can have your…


TIM411: What Type Of Team Structure Will Help Me Scale?

Today on TIM411, Tim answers a question from Maciej Godlewski from Fired Up Digital. Maciej wants to optimize his team structure so he asks if switching from skill set silos where for example all SEO experts get all clients who need SEO to a model where a team of experts…


TIM411: The Effective Executive By Peter Drucker

    In this episode, Tim recommends you go back to the source material. One of the best thinkers on management was Peter Drucker. He was the godfather of modern management and many people have reused his ideas in their management books ever since. If you've not read The Effective…


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Play by your own rules.”

Tim Conley