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TIM411: Ask Me Anything

What Is This TIM411 Podcast About?

The short version…

You send me a question and I answer it.

My clients pay me well to coach them to transform them from a founder into a leader of their company. They get to access my years of business experience, depth and breadth of entrepreneurial knowledge, and my ability to quickly identify leverage points in their business.

So one day my good friend, Dan Andrews of TropicalMBA fame, said I should start a podcast again that had an element of me sharing and teaching the insights I’ve gained over my career working with entrepreneurs.

It hit me…

Instead of me only coming up with topics to teach, I would ask you to send me the questions you need answered. Like they say, “if one person has a question there’s dozens of others who have it too.”

This show will answer your question specifically for you, and all those others out there with the same question will benefit too.

Sound cool? It sounds freakin’ awesome to me.

So… Let’s A some Qs!

1. Get Your Voice On An Episode…

2. Or Tweet Your Question…

You can tweet your question with #TIM411 and I’ll take a screenshot of it for the episode post and read your question on the show.

3. Or Write Out Your Question & I’ll Read It

TIM411 Episodes

TIM411: How To Break The Feast Or Famine Cycle In Your Business

    Today on TIM411, Tim answers the question, "If we're not ready or capable to bring on new customers, how do we stop marketing, but not dry up the sales pipeline?" This question is really about flattening the feast-famine cycle that many B2B service providers get into. It also…


TIM411: Want To Make A Fortune? Fix Your Margins

    Today on TIM411, Tim answers the question, "What should my gross margins be?" This is probably the most important metric to measure in your business. Listen in to find out how to make a fortune by fixing your margins. If you want to get in-depth training on operating…


TIM411: What To Do About Bad Hires

    Today on TIM411, Tim answers the question, "I made a few really bad hires and now I have to fire them, but still need to work to get done. What do I do?" You need to know why you think the employee is a bad hire. Find out…


TIM411: Are You Living Frantically In Your Business?

    Today on TIM411, Tim answers the question, "I'm working 12 hours a day, barely see my family, have no free time, make little money, and I reinvest everything back into my business. What should I do?" This is a common problem with most entrepreneurs. When you look around…


TIM411: Should I Pay My Employees First?

    Today on TIM411, Tim answers the question, "Should I pay myself or my employees first?" As entrepreneurs we take on the risk of business in exchange for future reward. Employees trade future reward with limited risk today. So employees get paid first. But the reality behind this question…


TIM411: Can A Referral-Only Business Make $1 Million?

    Today on TIM411, Tim answers the question, "Can a referral-based business reach $1 million in revenue?" He also answers the second part of the question, "Is it sustainable?" Referral-only businesses need solid systems for getting referrals. Your referral network will be your only source of income so you…


TIM411: The Truth About Passive Income Gurus Don’t Want You To Know

    Everything you know about passive income is wrong. Today on TIM411, Tim tackles the holy grail of Internet business -- passive income. The people telling you that you can earn passive income while managing a business are either ignorant of what it takes to run a company or…


TIM411: Management Theory Vs Operational Leadership

    Today on TIM411, Tim rails against management and leadership books. It's hard to know how you should lead when everything you study gives you contradictory advice. Tim focuses on operational leadership -- testing management theory to see if it functions in the field. If a management theory helps…


TIM411: Experimenting With New Ideas

    Today on TIM411, Tim brings up how to get more ideas out into the market quickly. Many entrepreneurs have lots of ideas, but procrastinate because they want to release something perfect. But the best way to learn what the market wants is to test things they may want.…


TIM411: The 5 Flag Theory To Freedom

    Today on TIM411, Tim shares one of his favorite books, PT by WG Hill. It has helped Tim design a life of freedom -- being able to live, work and play anywhere in the world. This book shared philosophical concepts that opened his eyes to what was possible.…


TIM411: Is A Digital Marketing Agency A Viable Business Model?

    Today on TIM411, Tim answers a question from Caleb, "Is owning a digital marketing/web design agency still a viable business model?" Actually Caleb asked three questions and Tim dives right into them as the questions are close to Tim's heart. Tim's got a lot of experience in running…


TIM411: The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

    Tim is back with another book recommendation and this one is a classic marketing book that is a must read -- The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing: Violate Them At Your Own Risk! by Al Ries and Jack Trout. Tim shares the Law of Candor which lowers your…


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Play by your own rules.”

Tim Conley