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What Is This TIM411 Podcast About?

The short version…

You send me a question and I answer it.

My clients pay me well to coach them to transform them from a founder into a leader of their company. They get to access my years of business experience, depth and breadth of entrepreneurial knowledge, and my ability to quickly identify leverage points in their business.

So one day my good friend, Dan Andrews of TropicalMBA fame, said I should start a podcast again that had an element of me sharing and teaching the insights I’ve gained over my career working with entrepreneurs.

It hit me…

Instead of me only coming up with topics to teach, I would ask you to send me the questions you need answered. Like they say, “if one person has a question there’s dozens of others who have it too.”

This show will answer your question specifically for you, and all those others out there with the same question will benefit too.

Sound cool? It sounds freakin’ awesome to me.

So… Let’s A some Qs!

1. Get Your Voice On An Episode…

2. Or Tweet Your Question…

You can tweet your question with #TIM411 and I’ll take a screenshot of it for the episode post and read your question on the show.

3. Or Write Out Your Question & I’ll Read It

TIM411 Episodes

TIM411: Founder Maturity: Letting Executives Run The Company

    Today on TIM411, Tim answers a question from his good friend, Samuel J Woods on founder's relinquishing control of their company. A lot of entrepreneurs get caught in the Founder's Trap where the company acts like his business is his toy and can do as he pleases with…


TIM411: How To Win Friends And Influence People

    Tim is back with another book recommendation, How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie. He shares a part of the book that had a huge impact on him and put him on a different path in life. If you've not read this book, do so.…


TIM411: Bloggers Who Blog About Business Blogging

    Tim has a bit of a rant about bloggers who blog about blogging giving business advice. They don't focus on business fundamentals and spread unfounded ideas as the way to build a business. The echo chamber is deafening. To get more entrepreneurship fundamentals, join Tim's group: The Forge.…


TIM411: Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Be Making SOPs

    Check out Tim's new entrepreneurs' group The Forge. Entrepreneurs are wasting precious time worshipping at the cult of standard operating procedures. Listen in to hear why Tim thinks SOPs are a waste of time, energy and momentum for founders. Click here to get your question on TIM411.  


TIM411: Should I Care If People Like Me In Business?

    Kiri Masters' third and final question is "How detrimental is it to people-please when running a business?" When you feel the need to people-please you are attributing motives and thoughts to others that may or may not be there to ensure you feel liked. This can be very…


TIM411: How To Enhance Multi-Cultural Teams Through Video

    Kiri Masters of BobsledMarketing.com is back with another question and this one is related to a previous episode on how to enhance company culture through video. She asks, "What other topics to cover in such videos and ways to build culture in remote, multi-cultural teams?" Click here to…


TIM411: When Is A New Business Initiative A Distraction?

    Kiri Masters of BobsledMarketing.com asked, "When is a new business initiative a distraction?" Downside of a distraction is that many times you won't know if it was a distraction that derailed your progress until after the fact. If you don't know where you want to go and what…


TIM411: Should I Keep Growing My Business?

    Matthew Paulson, author of Email Marketing Demystified asks, "Should I keep growing my business even though it provides more income than me and my family will ever need?" This is a major life question most successful entrepreneurs will face. And there isn't a right answer. You have to…


TIM411: Should I Go To College Or Learn To Code?

    Tim tackles a contentious issue with today's question: "Should I go to college or learn to code?" Aaron doesn't want to go to college and his parents want him to. They believe it is his best chance for success in life as many good parents believe. However, the…


TIM411: Everything You Know About Income Streams Is Wrong

    Today on TIM411, Tim talks about generating wealth through multiple streams of income, but with a twist... You've probably heard about multiple streams of income and that all wealthy people have them, but it isn't exactly true. Income streams build income. Obviously. Wealth isn't solely built by increasing…


TIM411: How To Hand Off Important Tasks To Others

    Jordan O'Leary from ThinkSwitch.com is back with another question on how to properly hand off work to others so his business can grow. If you've been struggling to get more output from your team or in hiring a solid team, then listen in to this episode of TIM411.…


TIM411: Should I Ever Lower Prices?

    Today on TIM411, Tim answers Jordan's question, "When SHOULD one lower prices?" Also, he tackles another related question from Jordan about how competitors are surviving on razor-thin margins. In this episode, Tim shares when someone should lower their prices. Most of the time it isn't a good idea,…


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Play by your own rules.”

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