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TIM411: Ask Me Anything

What Is This TIM411 Podcast About?

The short version…

You send me a question and I answer it.

My clients pay me well to coach them to transform them from a founder into a leader of their company. They get to access my years of business experience, depth and breadth of entrepreneurial knowledge, and my ability to quickly identify leverage points in their business.

So one day my good friend, Dan Andrews of TropicalMBA fame, said I should start a podcast again that had an element of me sharing and teaching the insights I’ve gained over my career working with entrepreneurs.

It hit me…

Instead of me only coming up with topics to teach, I would ask you to send me the questions you need answered. Like they say, “if one person has a question there’s dozens of others who have it too.”

This show will answer your question specifically for you, and all those others out there with the same question will benefit too.

Sound cool? It sounds freakin’ awesome to me.

So… Let’s A some Qs!

1. Get Your Voice On An Episode…

2. Or Tweet Your Question…

You can tweet your question with #TIM411 and I’ll take a screenshot of it for the episode post and read your question on the show.

3. Or Write Out Your Question & I’ll Read It

TIM411 Episodes

TIM411: How To Find Income Freedom

    In today's TIM411, Tim continues his discussion on Harry Browne's How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World. This time Tim talks about and shares a section on Income Freedom. In our modern world, many freedoms can be purchased so the first physical freedom one should obtain is…


TIM411: How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World

    Today on TIM411, Tim shares another one of his favorite books: How To Be Free In An Unfree World by Harry Browne. This is a book of practical philosophy -- something you can read and put into use in your life, not something to simply ponder. This book…


TIM411: Winning Through Intimidation

    Tim shares one of the secrets that helped him jump ahead in his business called the Leap Frog Theory from the book Winning Through Intimidation by Robert Ringer. You'll learn how Tim put this theory into action and how you'll be able to use it too. Listen in…


TIM411: Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got

    Tim was asked to share his thoughts on his favorite books. Today's TIM411 covers lessons from the book Tim has recommended the most to people: Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You've Got by Jay Abraham. Listen in and then go on Amazon and get this book.…


TIM411: How Do I Transform The Culture Of My Company?

    Today on TIM411, Tim answers the question, "How do I transform the culture of my company?" This is conceptually easy, but difficult in execution. Culture is hard to manufacture, but steps can be taken to encourage sought after behaviors and discourage undesirable behaviors. Listen in to see how…


TIM411: Getting The First Customer

    Today on TIM411, Tim answers the question, "How do I get the pilot customer when the product isn't completed yet?" There's more to Tim's answer than just getting the customer. He goes into the concept being promoted of selling a product (especially SaaS)before it has even been started…


TIM411: Scarcity Mindset Prevents Abundance

    Today on TIM411, Tilman is back with another question. But instead of answering the question Tim addresses the underlying reason the question is being asked -- scarcity. When you can't see the abundance that surrounds you, it is difficult to take the actions needed to get some of…


TIM411: Will Your Business Idea Fly?

    Today on TIM411, Tim answers Carl Olson's audio question, "What really is the best way to know if my business idea will fly or not?" Since Carl asked an audio question, here's a shout out to his site: CreativeMethod.tv Click here to get your question on TIM411.  


TIM411: How To Become The Commander Of Your Business

    Today Tim answers the question, "Transforming into the CEO of your company feels like the jump from company captain to battalion commander...what key pieces do I need?" Click here to get your question on TIM411.  


TIM411: Are You Distracted? Then Fix Your Priorities

    Tim batched several anonymous questions around the topic of distractions and "shiny object syndrome." Listen in on how to set your priorities so that you actually get what you need to do done even when distractions show up in your day. Click here to get your question on…


TIM411: Big Money, Few Clients: How Little Hinges Swing Big Doors

    This is a special episode where Tim appeared on another podcast and was asked to give a 7 minute talk on how to make a great living with just a few clients. One phrase Tim heard from the amazing marketer, Dan Kennedy, changed his life as a consultant:…


TIM411: Make Money Like A Celebrity?

    Today on TIM411, Tim shares an idea he learned from Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach several years ago at a special high-level mastermind with Joe Polish. Dan talked about how celebrities, specifically movie stars, make money. Then he asked, "How can you make all the money you need…


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Play by your own rules.”

Tim Conley