Why Don’t They Do What They Say They’ll Do?

Why don’t meetings get people to do what was decided in the meeting? When tasks are doled out, why don’t the tasks get accomplished, especially when people say they’ll do the tasks? Here’s what typically happens: Planning a project to be completed Everyone meets to discuss what the project entails, let’s use a new lead […]

How To Unbottleneck Your Business

  Sole Driver Syndrome Personal productivity is first and foremost concerned with efficiency: how to get more done within the time you have. Entrepreneurs have a strong affinity to personal productivity, some even becoming devoted fans of the book Getting Things Done by David Allen.  One of the side effects of this devotion to personal […]

Salespeople Have A Thermostat

If a salesperson has been getting a commission of approximately $50,000, then he/she won’t make much more than that next year. The good thing for entrepreneurs is that the salesperson is unlikely to sell less the next year. Earning Temperature Think about the thermostat that controls the temperature in your home. If you set the […]

Entrepreneurship To The Fullest

Entrepreneurs have: unlimited income potential, able to fire themselves, and can sell the company, in part or in whole. I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, and known many hundreds more, that don’t even come close to maximizing these inherent qualities of business ownership. You Have Unlimited Income Potential Let’s start with #1: unlimited income potential. […]

Focus On Productivity: The Art Of Being A Better Laborer

Following on from yesterday’s post, “Do You Prevent Your Business From Accelerating?”‘ I listened to the accompanying TMBA podcast episode on the topic. Listen here: The Art Of Stress-free Productivity. Understand this: Productivity is for employees. Effectiveness is for executives. Success Equals Busy? The thinking goes, successful people are more productive than less successful people, […]

Do You Prevent Your Business From Accelerating?

Self-Imposed Speed Limits When I left the military and moved across the country, I rented a Uhaul truck to move all my stuff. The super-frustrating thing about this truck was that it had a governor installed. An accelerator governor prevents the vehicle from going faster than a pre-determined speed. The national speed limit was 65 […]