First full week of batching client work complete… the verdict.

I made the decision to batch my client work at the first of the year. It took January to get most of it in order.

Here was the plan:

  • Do all client activities on the first and third week of each month.
  • During the first and third weeks all client work would be done on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  • Monday and Friday of the first and third weeks would be buffer days.
  • The second and fourth week of the month would be dedicated to things like writing, interviews, other business activities and such.
  • On months that had a fifth week (there are 4 per year) I will take the fifth week off — all free days.

By the end of January I had also decided on taking more time off. Months with 5 weeks I would take off the fourth week too, which is a buffer/ “work on, not in” week. This lead to me deciding that I will take 2 full months off. I’ve chosen July and December, which are 5 week months giving me a total of 12 weeks of vacation — technically 11 since January was one of the 5 week months and I worked on that week.

To make the 12 weeks off a reality, I have to arrange the following remaining client activity:

  • Ignite Mastermind members have to be notified,
  • My Executive Entrepreneur Consulting clients have to be notified,
  • And I’ll have to do a make-up coaching call for Fuse for those 2 months — probably do an extra call in August and an extra call in January of 2016.

The only work I’m currently willing to do in those 12 weeks are speaking gigs as I’m wanting to do more public speaking for the next couple of years. The nice thing is that conferences are seldom done in July or December so this should be a non-issue.

This week I put the plan into action…

I did 10 client calls, 1 Ignite call, a business lunch, and an interview. Only 1 of those fell onto Monday due to time zone issues with the client and the rest were done Tues – Thurs. Today I was supposed to record 2 podcast episodes, but they are getting rescheduled to next week.

This was the first time in years that I packed over 27 hours of productive work into 3 days. Typically I spread my workload over the whole month. So, by Thursday evening I was a bit mentally spent and I was glad the podcast recording got canceled today as I don’t really want to think for a couple days.

Am I glad I did this?

Oh, hell yeah!

This is going to allow me to produce more in less time, while giving me more free time.

Should you try this, too?

If you’re doing client work then I’d highly recommend it. This will allow you to add at least 20 weeks of working on your business and not in it to your annual calendar.

What could you achieve with 20 weeks of working on your business?

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  1. Nice schedule Tim. What’s your plan for when things don’t go in line with your schedule? Like an interviewee can only do certain times/dates, or clients want meetings at a certain time/date that is outside of your ideal schedule? Are you going to stay with it on a strict schedule or is this more of a guideline you’re hoping to follow?

  2. Great stuff Tim. I have been thinking a lot lately about something like this. The switching cost between client work and the rest (sales, writing, etc) are losing me hours of productivity.

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