All Businesses Are Built Haphazardly

A Lesson From The Ignite Mastermind Weekend Workshop

One of the big philosophical realizations one must comprehend is that everyone is just trying to figure everything out as they go along in life.

Businesses are no different.

How could they be?

They are built by people.

As soon as you realize that you built your business in a haphazard, trial-and-error fashion, you can improve it.

You then understand that no current process, no particular way of doing business, is the best way.

You can ask yourself, “What would I do differently if today was day one of my business, but with all the resources, experience and money that I have today?”

One of the guys in Ignite has a vendor who is integral to his company and he was having a difficult time getting them to stay on schedule.

He’d already heard the “haphazard” speech, but hadn’t considered to view other businesses with the same lens.

I told him that his vendor built their business in a haphazard way, too, and if he wanted them to deliver on time that he would have to help them improve their processes.

They most likely haven’t realized that their processes for getting work done were suboptimal because they were just trying to figure it out as they went along.

He’s been able to improve delivery times by having his project manager help them optimize their processes. This has in turn helped him deliver a better product to his customers.

Even with having heard this lesson a few times already, we spent a a couple hours on it during the in-person workshop.

There is a lot of fear that comes with change.

Founders like to feel that their processes are good ones because those processes are getting results — semi-reliable results, but results none-the-less.

They know just how hard it was to figure out how to get semi-reliable results from their processes so they are very scared to change those processes. “What if the new processes don’t work?”

They are using the past, when they knew very little, to guide their future even though they have gained knowledge and experience in the present.

Your team is probably hesitant to change processes that you trained them to do. If the changes they do don’t work, they might get fired. If the changes do work, they might not get rewarded.

You and your team need to understand that everything in the company exists from a trial-and-error evolution and therefore are not sacred.

That means the team can take control of the making of the processes and improve them.  Or even eliminate them if they are unnecessary.

Have a meeting with your team and find high-impact processes that could use optimization.

In time, the team will address all the processes.

Then your company will have been purposely rebuilt instead of limping along on haphazard systems.

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