How To Unbottleneck Your Business

  Sole Driver Syndrome Personal productivity is first and foremost concerned with efficiency: how to get more done within the time you have. Entrepreneurs have a strong affinity to personal productivity, some even becoming devoted fans of the book Getting Things Done by David Allen.  One of the side effects of this devotion to personal […]

Salespeople Have A Thermostat

If a salesperson has been getting a commission of approximately $50,000, then he/she won’t make much more than that next year. The good thing for entrepreneurs is that the salesperson is unlikely to sell less the next year. Earning Temperature Think about the thermostat that controls the temperature in your home. If you set the […]

Do You Prevent Your Business From Accelerating?

Self-Imposed Speed Limits When I left the military and moved across the country, I rented a Uhaul truck to move all my stuff. The super-frustrating thing about this truck was that it had a governor installed. An accelerator governor prevents the vehicle from going faster than a pre-determined speed. The national speed limit was 65 […]

Tool: How To Delegate

Having worked with clients to turn them into the leader of their company, one stumbling block I found was that they didn’t know how to delegate. Sure they assigned work to their employees and contractors.  That’s delegation, right? Not really. They were abdicating. They handed the work over to their team and then promptly forgot about […]

Trust But Verify 

Entrepreneurs love to talk about scaling their business. They love to talk about growth. The problem is they also believe that the existence of their company is dependent upon them.  Without them this company would whither and die. In the beginning, that’s true.  They took an idea and manifested it into reality.  Then they had […]

Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Be Making SOPs

Here is a taste of what I’m posting in my private entrepreneurship group: The Forge The Forge is for founders who want to mold a life along with forging their business. It’s more raw than what I post to the public here. Join if you can handle the flames of The Forge. ***WHY ENTREPRENEURS SHOULDN’T […]