Salespeople Have A Thermostat

If a salesperson has been getting a commission of approximately $50,000, then he/she won’t make much more than that next year. The good thing for entrepreneurs is that the salesperson is unlikely to sell less the next year. Earning Temperature Think about the thermostat that controls the temperature in your home. If you set the […]

Focus On Productivity: The Art Of Being A Better Laborer

Following on from yesterday’s post, “Do You Prevent Your Business From Accelerating?”‘ I listened to the accompanying TMBA podcast episode on the topic. Listen here: The Art Of Stress-free Productivity. Understand this: Productivity is for employees. Effectiveness is for executives. Success Equals Busy? The thinking goes, successful people are more productive than less successful people, […]

5 Lessons In The Mental Game Of Business

A Weekend At Tim’s I recently held the first of the biannual, in-person, weekend workshops with my Ignite Mastermind. Since we’re a small group I rented a big house in Scottsdale, Arizona instead of a hotel. From 1pm on Friday until about 1pm on Sunday, we worked. It’s fun doing these workshops because when you get […]

All Businesses Are Built Haphazardly

A Lesson From The Ignite Mastermind Weekend Workshop One of the big philosophical realizations one must comprehend is that everyone is just trying to figure everything out as they go along in life. Businesses are no different. How could they be? They are built by people. As soon as you realize that you built your business in […]

Simultaneous Success: The Path To Rapid Growth

Concurrent Vs Sequential Progress During a recent Office Hours for my Ignite Entrepreneur Mastermind, we discussed concurrent progress versus sequential progress. I force my clients to handle more progress than they’ve successfully managed before. Especially if they say they “know what needs to be done and just need to execute for a while.” <– I’m […]