Conversations With Important People

Don’t You Just HATE Having Conversations With Important People?

Don’t you find it such a waste of time?

It’s sooooo boring. Am I right?!


You actually like talking to important people who can help you achieve your goals in life?

You find it invigorating and motivating?

You’ll even pay big money and spare lots of time to meet and talk to important people?

Wow… I’d have never guessed by the way you say you hate having meetings with your team.

Some of the most important people in your life are in you company right now trying to help you achieve your goals, and…

…you hate talking to them.

If you hate having meetings (i.e. conversations) with your team then take a look at what you believe about them.

If you get excited to talk to other people who may or may not help you achieve your vision, but can’t stand having meetings with the very people who actually make your vision come true, then you have a messed up belief system.

Time to start behaving like your team is important to you and your goals.

Don’t just say they are.

Live it.

Make conversations with your team a part of the company culture.

We know important people can help us achieve our goals so take some time each week to speak to the closest important people you have available for your business — your team.