Creating Abundance In Your Business When You Don’t Feel Abundant

Are You Really Thinking Abundantly?
What you’re about to read isn’t a holier-than-thou screed. I’m just as guilty of thinking in terms of limits instead of abundance.
So I’ll start there…
Many times I find myself with limited thinking. And I have to remember my definition of abundance for me — T.I.M. Having time, income and mobility freedom. I have those things.
Then I remind myself to look at what I’m doing to determine if it will give me more of the abundance I desire or will it take away some of the abundance I have.
That’s what I work on with my clients, too.
J was stating (I’ll call it complaining) about how difficult it is to work with some of his lower paying customers.
We were discussing margins at the time and he had several customers they did a lot of work beyond scope for the same price as other customers.
This is an example of “lack thinking.”
“If I say something to these customers about going over scope and constantly bugging the team to do more or make changes or complaining, they will leave and want their money back.”
This is true. This will most likely happen. If you set boundaries and your customer doesn’t like them and you say you won’t let the customer cross that boundary, they will want their money back.
This is a good thing for both of you. They aren’t the right customer for you and you’re not the right product for them.
But entrepreneurs who NEED that money to grow let customers cross boundaries until it causes major issues in their company.
They allow this detrimental behavior for money.
Money is like oxygen. It is everywhere on this planet.
If you’re not getting enough of it, then you’ve got a breathing problem.
You cling to that customer because you think he’s the only oxygen in the room.
Open your windows.
Get some fresh air in there.
Let deals flow to you.
J has a few clients who spend almost 6 times what his lower end customers do. They tend to be easier to work with. They understand the value of J’s work.
Why is J opening the windows to allow that oxygen, the deals, to flow into his business?
Partly from a lack of personal value.
We tell ourselves all sorts of stories about what bigger customers will want and demand us to be (even when, like J, we have evidence that our beliefs are wrong). We imagine all sorts of problems.
But most of the time it comes down to feeling like we aren’t enough.
Bigger customers won’t give us money when they find out we aren’t as good as we say we are.
With all the clients I’ve worked with that take on small customers instead of big, it’s because they feel they lack something PERSONALLY that big customers want.
Customers want results.
If you can deliver them they don’t care what you personally lack.
Why do we entrepreneurs mix our beliefs about ourselves into what we think customers want?
We struggle to form an idea into reality. That struggle forms an identity.
“My business was created by me, therefore my products are an extension of me.”
This creates immense lack in a company if you feel lack internally.
With the work I do, I help entrepreneurs gain abundance by helping them separate their identity from their business.
When we grasp that customers want amazing products, not an entrepreneur who feels amazing, you open the window to abundance.

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