Deal Flow

You’ve heard the cliche’ that sales is a numbers game, right?

Well, it’s true.

Want to make more revenue? Increase your deal flow.

Deal Flow: The number, speed, and duration in which opportunities come to you.

“Do one thing every day to attract a new project or client.” ~ Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy did at least one thing every single day for around 30 years to make sure opportunities would come to him — even after he was a multi-millionaire and not even taking clients anymore.

He might send out a magazine article that he thinks would be useful to a client on a Sunday. Send a dozen thank you cards to clients on Monday. Do a teleseminar on a Tuesday. And so on.

Some things he did to keep a good relationship with his clients so they would stay clients. This is deal flow too.

Some things he did to reactivate previous clients and customers.

Some things he did to get new clients, speaking engagements, customers of his books, and subscribers to his newsletter.

Some were designed to work quickly such as sending a sales letter to get people to come to his super conference.

Some were designed to remind his clients that being his clients was good for them.

If you’re just starting out then you need to focus more on getting new clients. Focus on doing things that get people to know who you are, see you as an authority and ask to be your client.

For those who’ve been in business for a few years then you need to do a lot to keep your clients engaged and reactivate any that have gone dormant or quit using you. Hopefully, by now you’ve got a system for bringing in new clients.

Systems are the key to steady, long-lasting deal flow.

You don’t want deal flow that dries up while you’re busy doing your client work, because then you have to stop doing paid work and start pumping the well to get the deal flow going again.

Also, you don’t want systems that flood you with deals to the point you have to turn most of them away and then have a dry spell.

You want a steady number of people coming to you every month, week or day, that is just a little bit more than you can handle so that you always have a short waiting list.

When you have more potential deals than you can actually take, you can get really picky as to which ones you take. You can raise your rates, too. It also positions you as an in-demand expert, which gets people wanting to work with you even more — just like the velvet ropes outside night clubs.

The more people who want to get in, the more people who will want to get in. If it costs a lot, even better because then they know they really are going to the hottest place in town.

Do at least one thing each day and the deals will be lined up outside your door.

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