I just saw an ad on FB that reads:

Marketing Agencies:
If you’re looking to increase your revenues this year, one of the easiest ways is to just start offering additional services.

We just put together this cheat sheet of easy upsets you can offer your clients. Most of them just require a little set up and can add big recurring revenue to each client!

In three sentences, “easy” is used twice and “just” is used three times.

This shit is just easy.

Except for Process Friction.

If you just add a service here and a service there without figuring out how they fit together and who is going to be in charge of them, you’ll end up with an inefficient business.

The processes that your company operate on will be inefficient and ultimately much less profitable.

Also, you have to have a priority of what services are offered and when. I’ve seen so many agencies with competing services that the people responsible for selling don’t know which service should be offered, nor do they know what services have already been offered.

Sales will start to suffer when you just add more services into your company.

It might be easy to add services, but it is even easier to cause chaos in your company.

Be careful of the products and services you tack onto your business. They require ongoing support and systems to actually add profit to the bottom line.

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