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Jake Puhl

Jake Puhl
Founder at Firegang Dental Marketing

“Coaching for entrepreneurs to actually achieve results”

“We thought we needed help with sales and marketing. But Tim snapped us out of it and made us focus on the right thing first.

For us that was operations. We didn’t have the resources open to grow, but Tim walked us through exactly how to do it.

Tim’s uniqueness is understanding strategy, marketing, operations and people deeply. Not many coaches can do that.

Also, Tim helps entrepreneurs get through to the real issue, which is usually themselves.”

“Executive coaching for building profit machines”

“It’s executive coaching. Identifying and building managed profit machines.

Harvesting profit and refocusing on the most scalable, profitable parts of business.

“We’re close to doubling revenue…With 3x profit.

And I’m able to go home, bring my kids to school, pick them up, and do everything I need to do, and run a business like this…I’m not as frantic or on edge or anxious as I once was.

May I put it this way: I love my business now.”

Jeff Root

Jeff Root
Founder at Rootfin, SellTermLife & WPLifeInsurance

Shawn Davis

Shawn Davis
IT Consultant

“Tim gives me agile problem-solving and degree of insurance”

“It’s entrepreneurial coaching in business, marketing, sales. An agile resource for solving problems.

It gives me a degree of insurance in what I’m doing.

Webinars are currently only available through my membership service. This currently brings in $25,000 per month.

Revenue from ad hoc training is currently $1700 per day. Revenue from official training is usually in the tens of thousands.”

“Tim gave me the 80/20 for my growth plan”

“I already read business books, and I could read more, but working with Tim is like being able to jump directly to the page I need, in the book I need, right now. I’m moving faster than I would be if I was at it alone.

I get to borrow from his years of business wisdom.

Tim helped me get out of my own head and out of my own way, become the leader my company needs, and make me a better decision-maker.

From month to month, I have a renewed focused and energy to work on what matters most.”

Michael Erickson

Michael Erickson
Founder at Search Scientists