Who Is The Man Behind The Mic?

So if you tuned in to last week’s show, you would have heard all about how Tim approaches his T.I.M. concept and how he has applied it to his life.

This week we’re going one better.

With Lain Ehmann returning as our guest host, we’re getting all the gory details of Tim Conley’s life journey, from his early struggles to the man he is today. Tim’s story is one of persistence, determination and good old-fashioned hard work and is sure to inspire anyone dealing with any self-doubt about where they’re at in their own life.

If you’ve ever wondered how our host got to where he is today, or what drives him to keep pushing forward, then listen in as Tim and Lain explain it all.

Nurture The Flame Inside Of You…

  • The beginnings of entrepreneurial activities.
  • Developing a disdain for authority.
  • Tim’s take on mindset and self-doubt.
  • A first failure and how to deal with it.
  • Pushing through the low times.
  • Only you can bring yourself success.


Enjoy Your Foolish Adventure.

The Foolish Story Of Tim Conley
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You can check out Part 1 of the T.I.M. & Tim Story.

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