It’s Your Fault


You’ve heard the saying, “You have nobody to blame but yourself,” right?

Truer words have never been spoken.

The sooner you accept this — the sooner it sinks deep into your pores that there is nobody to blame but yourself — the closer you’ll be to putting yourself on the path to getting everything you want in life.

I’ll explain with a splash of harsh reality…

Your life is ALL YOUR FAULT. It is the sum of all the choices you’ve made to this point. You’re responsible. You are where you are because of YOU, no one else.

For some, this might come as a bit of a shock.

After all, it runs counter to the storylines in their head that someone else or something else is at least partially to blame for them not having the life they deserve. An abusive father, a neglectful mother, bad genetics, bad luck, a god that has some grand plan, and on and on….

I understand.

When someone told me years ago that my life was my fault, I hated the idea. I fought it. There was no way I was fully responsible for all the crappy things that were going on in my life. My parents screwed up. My teachers didn’t help. My friends were a bad influence. I blamed others for telling me I would amount to nothing.

And these days, I hear stories all the time about someone who’s lost their job blaming the greedy corporate bastards for ruining their life, or the person whose marriage has ended in a messy divorce and now is pointing fingers at the spouse for the wreckage.

Listen, change the attitude, take responsibility and take charge.

You must, or the road ahead is going to be long and filled with deep ruts that just might lead you into the same mistakes, again and again.

Now… sure, there are events in everybody’s life that are out of their control.

It might’ve happened when you were young. Maybe your mom and dad were awful parents, ignored you… abused you. Maybe you were bullied by the neighborhood kids, or you were an outcast at school.

Or maybe, after you became an adult and were calling your own shots, you were the unsuspecting victim of some tragedy, some natural disaster or a car accident that altered the course of your life.

Yes, in these cases, it was not your fault.

But … what you do about them is totally on you.

That’s right. Your response to a tragedy that’s out of your control can either be a limiting belief or an empowering one, depending on the way you think about it and act.

Say you were to declare yourself responsible for everything that happens in your life — everything — taking ownership of it… saying, “I may not have start this, but I am damn-sure going to finish it.”

That kind of thinking bestows great power on you and can last for the rest of your life.

Think about it… If your life is crap, or just not headed in the direction you want, this “your life is your fault” mindset empowers you, just like it did for me those many years ago when I really was headed nowhere.

Back then, I had an epiphany. I realized that if all my choices had led me to the here and now, that meant all my choices from this point forward could lead to wherever I want them to lead.

That’s when I started making better choices. And here I am years later, a successful entrepreneur who guides other founders past their own barriers and obstacles.

My life is all my fault. The good as well as the bad.

It can be the same for you.

If you’ve made the choices to get where you’re at now, that means you’re the person who can make the choices that can bring you where you want to be.

This concept is a key component of my principles for optimum “mind management,” right up there with developing unlimiting beliefs, positive self-talk, willpower, energy and taking action.

Taking responsibility for everything gives you power over your life.

The journey won’t happen overnight. If you’ve made a bunch of crappy choices your whole life up to now, you are now empowered to start making incremental small choices that will start taking you in the direction you want to go. Eventually, those small steps are going to build better habits and will lead to a brand new belief system.

Over time, you will become the person you want to be.

And thankfully it will be all your fault.