Your Mediocre Marketing Is Meh

? ? AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire & Action ? ?

All marketing must fulfill each element of AIDA.

Your’s doesn’t.

I’m going to use marketing agencies as my example (specifically Contractor Dynamics, the company I’m an investor and advisor) because they sell marketing for a living so they should be amazeballs at it. Few are.

But I might throw in some snark towards consumer product companies too since they operate in highly competitive markets.

Marketing agencies operate as sales organizations. They do very little marketing since most of their business comes from prospecting activities. When they do put out marketing, it is “me too” marketing.

Their content marketing could have come from any of their competitors. Hell, their site is indistinguishable from their competitors. Their offer is also-ran.

A marketing company should be compelling, right? They fucking sell “compelling” to their prospects. Yet these marketing companies can’t be compelling in their own market.

Effective sales organizations, sure, but exceptional marketers? Meh.

I hate to embarrass Joseph Hughes, but Contractor Dynamics did a social media post that is a perfect example of Meh Marketing as it doesn’t hit any AIDA requirements. 

NOTE: Joe is doing some good marketing that I’ll also reference in future posts and we have banned anyone from CD putting out a post like this again.

Attention: neither the image nor the copy has anything to grab attention.

Interest: doesn’t focus on why it’s of interest to the viewer.

Desire: doesn’t answer why anyone would want what they are seeing.

Action: no action for the viewer to take.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a call-to-action (CTA) in the sense of moving them to the next step in a sales cycle. It could be to show more relevant content that keeps their attention, speaks to their interests, stirs more desire and then gets them to take action at a later time.

Here’s a way to make providing social proof in an AIDA way:

1. Grab Attention: do a voyeur pic. Joe sitting at a desk with interesting background. There’s a few old buildings Joe has access to that would work. The shot has Joe’s laptop in focus showing the website. A video where Joe shows the site in this setting would probably be better.

2. Interest (aka what’s in it for them): I like curiosity headlines so I’d first test asking, “Is Your Website A Money Machine Like It Should Be? When you buy equipment for your construction company, you don’t just let it sit around collecting dust. No. It needs to do what it was built for.

3. Desire: get them to want their website to do what the client’s new site is designed to do. “Solaire came to us because X, Y and Z. We drew up plans and laid their digital foundation. This new site we just went live with will do (purpose) for them.”

4. Action: Make them do something. Most people would do a call to action to try to generate a lead. With FB & Instagram algorithms I’d rather get a like, share and comment. So here’s what I’d test: “Click like and share. ??? If you want me to share the secrets that went into this site, comment “Send me those secrets. We’ll message you our secret website checklist we use for all construction companies.”

When you’re in a highly competitive market you have to step up your marketing game.

Years ago I was asked to be the CMO of an energy drink company. I was flattered. I probably should have said yes.

I told them I wasn’t the right person for the job. Sure I had ideas, but they needed a CMO who could truly innovate in a guerrilla warrior way because they would be going up against massive competitors who had huge budgets and hundreds of the best marketing minds working day and night.

For a client in women’s apparel, we talked about their Instagram game. They were playing tee ball and needed to have some major league creative going out.

When you’re a small company, you’ve got no other choice, but to be scrappy. Hit your competitors with a willingness to take risks that they never would.

That’s how you win.

Oh, you won’t beat the giants in your market.

The win you’ll achieve is the hearts and minds of your target market.

When they love your marketing, they’ll love you. Then they will join up as guerrilla marketers for you and share your message to their friends.

If pressing “Post” doesn’t make your heart flutter a bit…if it doesn’t make you a little scared that a shitstorm might be the response, you’re marketing is meh.

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