Stop Taking The Service Out Of Your Service Business

Yi Peng Lantern Festival Mae Jo University Chiang Mai Thailand
During my recent month-long trip to Thailand, I’ve gotten a chance to talk with a lot of people about their businesses. Also, in my circles I’m hearing a lot about automation, specifically automating customer service.

The goal is to automate their services.

Here’s a question…

When you call a company to get help and you have to listen to a long menu of options and keep choosing a number to get closer to solving your problem, are you happy about the experience?

That’s automation.

When you take the service out of your service business instead of emphasizing service, then you’ll have unsatisfied customers. They may not be unhappy about the service they’ve gotten, but they won’t be so ecstatic about your service that they tell everyone they know that they should buy from you.

When you look to make your business easier on yourself you should also be looking to see if that makes life harder on your customers.

When you automate to make your business more profitable you should look to see if it then makes your customer’s experience poorer.

Automation is great up until the point it lowers your customer’s experience. If you can use automation to enhance their experience then you’ve hit the holy grail — or more likely discovered a unicorn.

Find more ways to add service into your business instead of searching for ways to remove it.

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