Strategically Happy

I just had a client call where we were working on how to alter her business strategy to give her more time and to create a rapid revenue model.

What came up was that she is doing one-on-one coaching and is working on a group coaching program. She was worried that her best clients (the one-on-ones) would see moving to the group coaching as a downgrade in service.

In the conversation, she said that she looked forward to the calls with these clients and wouldn’t want to lose them. I asked her why she had to drop them. If it makes her happy, why couldn’t she just do both?

She had set up an ideal business model without considering whether it would make her happy or not. The best solutions to problems in your business are great for your customers and make your life more fulfilled.

Her clients still get some one-on-one time, she keeps doing something she loves and everyone wins.

Now for the rapid revenue model… she was intending to only charge monthly for her new coaching program. I asked if anyone would be willing to pay for an entire year. The answer was a resounding yes as she had already had several clients volunteer to prepay for a year of coaching. She is sure she could book at least 10 people who prepay for her coaching program.

We estimate that this would get her halfway to her $100,000 first year group coaching target in the first month of the program, which she needs for some family obligations.

Covering those obligations in a few months would ease her mind and make her extremely happy.

Many times if you look at the problems in your business from the stand point of “will this solution make a majority of my customers and prospects happy and in turn also make me and my team happy?” then you have found the right solution.

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