Success Stories

These entrepreneurs have significantly improved their businesses, either by adding revenue, increasing profits, fixing operations – or a combination of them all.

“Almost doubled our revenue over the past year”

“Our conversations have been invaluable. Over the past year, Tim has consulted with me on a wide variety of topics that I’ve struggled with.

The biggest impact has been in our branding and marketing message, and getting inside the customers mind. From there, we’ve created surveys, turning our research into an expanded product line and bundles.

We created a product bundle, that almost doubled our revenue over the past year.

Thanks Tim for all your help, can’t wait to talk again!”

Jeremy Roberts
Founder of Tradlands

Jake Puhl
Founder of Firegang Dental Marketing

“Coaching for entrepreneurs to actually achieve results”

“We thought we needed help with sales and marketing. But Tim snapped us out of it and made us focus on the right thing first.

For us that was operations. We didn’t have the resources open to grow, but Tim walked us through exactly how to do it.

Tim’s uniqueness is understanding strategy, marketing, operations and people deeply. Not many coaches can do that.

Also, Tim helps entrepreneurs get through to the real issue, which is usually themselves.”

From Stagnant to Doubling Revenue in 18 Months

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Firegang Dental Marketing was under $1MM in annual revenue but with stagnant growth for over a year.

And after an assessment, Jake and I realized that there were a lot of other issues that needed to be fixed first.

They simply weren’t ready for more customers. Why? Because if they had just tried to sell more…

…Their operations would’ve crumbled under the pressure,

…They’d be unable to fulfill the services people had bought, and

…Their reputation in the marketplace would’ve been ruined.

So, what did we do instead?

In 6 months, Jake and Firegang:

  • Made the team more productive with clearer roles and responsibilities (using “Team Mapping” as a tool)
  • Developed processes for delivering higher quality services to customers, and increased their happiness and satisfaction
  • Established their authority in the marketplace with a book, which has catapulted them into the same leadership status as competitors who’ve been in the industry for over 20 years
  • Got more leads and conversions by building a marketing team and systems to replace Jake, who was doing everything.

The results?

They grew from under $1MM to over $2MM+ in revenue, in just 18 months.

“Truly actionable advice”

“Tim has really helped shape our marketing strategy while providing truly actionable advice.”

Greg Berry

Greg Barry
Founder & CEO of Municibid

Dan Andrews
Founder of TropicalMBA, Dynamite Circle

“Tim’s impact on my business has been profound”

“The impact Tim has had directly on my business has been profound.

In our conversations, I’m simultaneously sweating with anxiety about all the things I’m doing wrong and need to solve – and jumping out of my chair to go take action.

Thank you Tim for your incredible feedback. If you need advise on your business, Tim Conley is your man!”

Doubling Revenue with 3x Profit. More Time with His Wife and Kids. Working Less and Loving His Business Again.

But everything wasn’t always this awesome.

In fact, Jeff was stressed, over-worked and plateauing in sales for almost 2 years.

He had a VA and I had a sales manager and everything, and was still involved in every aspect of the business.

It wasn’t going to work the way his business was going right then. Jeff would either have to lose income, hurt his business or not spend as much time with his family.

Jeff wanted the opposite: more freedom to spend time with wife and kids, without having to worry about income or working too much or too hard.

After working with Tim, he’s:

  • Leading and still having greater impact in his business, but not mired in the day-to-day task like he was before.
  • Strong team performance, engagement and results by paying the best people based on performance.
  • Close to doubling revenue, with 3x profit.
  • Spending more time with his 2 kids and wife.
  • Not as frantic, anxious or on edge, with a much healthier mental state.

Jeff is proof that you can achieve the growth you want without sacrificing freedom and lifestyle.

Grow without working harder, with less stress – and grow profitably.

Jeff Root

Jeff Root
Founder of Rootfin, SellTermLife & WPLifeInsurance

“Executive coaching for building profit machines”

“It’s executive coaching. Identifying and building managed profit machines.

Harvesting profit and refocusing on the most scalable, profitable parts of business.

“We’re close to doubling revenue…With 3x profit.

And I’m able to go home, bring my kids to school, pick them up, and do everything I need to do, and run a business like this…I’m not as frantic or on edge or anxious as I once was.

May I put it this way: I love my business now.”

Founder of Pro Teeth Guard

“Immediately identified problems I could fix”

I’ve had the privilege of working with Tim Conley 1-on-1. He has such a deep understanding of customer psychology and how to craft a compelling offer.

His input and advice is tremendously valuable. He immediately identified possible point of friction where I was losing customers on my site. He distilled the process down to 3 simple steps and I was able to take that idea and address any potential friction a customer might have.

Thank you, Tim!

“Your advice was on point and inspiring. Some genius-level stuff!”
– Aaron Nunez

“Got a ton of value. Learning how to be an authority and not just an expert”
– Nathan Rose

“Thanks for sitting down with me. Now I have a lot of things to change for the better”
– Dave Huss

“Big thank you for coming out to the Entrepreneur House. You added a ton of value. Amazing to pick your mind about business”
– Chris Reynolds

The Entrepreneur House

Han Chang

“Saving at least 4 hours / week on unnecessary tasks”

“Tim asked me tough and uncomfortable questions about my situation. But they were were laser-focused, and absolutely essential. He followed-up with solid tips on my next steps.

After applying his advice, I saved at least 4 hours per week on unnecessary tasks and responsibilities.

I’m much more focused on the projects that most affect my bottom-line”

“Advice from Tim made all the difference”

“I have learned a tonne about how to create and market a product that is now making me money every week.

A few choice words of advice from Tim can make the difference between flying high or falling flat on your face when it comes to creating content that sells.”

Jules Watkins

Jules Watkins
Founder of

Adam Boesel
Founder of Green Micro Gym

“Massive value within 10 minutes of speaking with Tim”

I’m an entrepreneur with lots of ideas. My concern is staying focused on the most important things.

Within the first 10 minutes of speaking with Tim he helped me understand how to focus on the brand and switching how I approach our products. It gave me a completely different direction and confirmation that I was on the right track.

Again, within 10 minutes I got value from working with him. Fantastic!”

Shawn Davis

Shawn Davis
IT Consultant

“Tim gives me agile problem-solving and degree of insurance”

“It’s entrepreneurial coaching in business, marketing, sales. An agile resource for solving problems.

It gives me a degree of insurance in what I’m doing.

Webinars are currently only available through my membership service. This currently brings in $25,000 per month.

Revenue from ad hoc training is currently $1700 per day. Revenue from official training is usually in the tens of thousands.”

7-Figure Contract & $25,000 per Month Is Just The Beginning For Shawn

Shawn Davis, a member of the Ignite Mastermind, runs Legendary Consulting Group, and adds significant amounts of revenue to his business through his training programs.

He runs these training programs on top of the CIO advisory work he provides to higher-education clients.

Shawn says:

“I do both webinars and live training events for higher education clients:

1. Webinars are currently only available through my membership service. This currently brings in $25,000 per month, and includes two webinars per month plus one or two group coaching sessions.

2. In-person training events are ad hoc. I have a number of sessions on offer, sometimes paid, sometimes free. I’ve also partnered with ITSM Academy to provide “official” training for the IT industry. I do the coordination and collect the fees, and they provide the materials and instructor. Although the margin is lower, this saves me from getting and maintaining certifications, which I feel is worth it (for me, at least). Revenue from ad hoc training is currently $1700 per day. Revenue from official training is usually in the tens of thousands.”

This, or even some variation of it, could work for you, too.

“Pull the trigger. Sit down with Tim”

“If you’re thinking about working with Tim as a coach and consultant, just do it.

He’s been great at a helping me find questions I need to ask, given me extra things to consider and not only enabled me to have clearer thought-patterns but to take advantage of opportunities I hadn’t seen in the first place.

Pull the trigger. Sit down with Tim and make the most out of it.”

Rob Hanly

“Tim gave me the 80/20 for my growth plan”

“I already read business books, and I could read more, but working with Tim is like being able to jump directly to the page I need, in the book I need, right now. I’m moving faster than I would be if I was at it alone.

I get to borrow from his years of business wisdom.

Tim helped me get out of my own head and out of my own way, become the leader my company needs, and make me a better decision-maker.

From month to month, I have a renewed focused and energy to work on what matters most.”

Michael Erickson

Michael Erickson
Founder of Search Scientists

“Clarity breeds focus. Focus breeds decisiveness. Decisiveness breeds action. And action leads to results.”

Tim Conley