TIM411: Should I Get A Cofounder?

Today on TIM411, Tim answers Sam Okoro’s question, “How do I find a good cofounder?”

Most of the time you don’t need a cofounder or partner. You might want one. But ask yourself what the real reason behind that want is.

Do you want someone to share the journey with you?

Are you afraid you won’t succeed on your own?

Do you think it will be cheaper to have a partner than to hire for the skills you need in your company?

There is only one reason to have a cofounder: that person is so exceptional at what they can bring to the company that the business will get 10X, 100X, or a 1000X more in results than hiring someone.

I love these audio questions and I’d love to answer yours. Click here to get your question on TIM411.


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