TIM411: Content Marketing For A Saturated Internet

Today on TIM411: Ask Me Anything, Tim answers the question, “How to do content marketing when the Internet is saturated with content?”

All forms of marketing get saturated. When something is new there are some who get in early and get easy pickings. They tend to get beaten by the next wave of entrants into that form of marketing because they don’t know how to change to be able to compete — so they start complaining.

The second wave figures out how to get solid ROI from the way they do that marketing until the masses enter it. When the masses enter they don’t try to do amazing marketing. They are trying to get the easy pickings that the first wave got and so they flood that marketing channel with mediocre or bad marketing.

Then the marketing channel only works for the highest quality marketing.

Want to succeed with content marketing in a saturated world?

Then create amazing, unique content. The easy pickings are gone.

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