TIM411: Should I Go To College Or Learn To Code?

Tim tackles a contentious issue with today’s question: “Should I go to college or learn to code?”

Aaron doesn’t want to go to college and his parents want him to. They believe it is his best chance for success in life as many good parents believe. However, the university path isn’t the only way to get to success.

Since success could be defined in many ways, Tim goes with the definition of making plenty of money. To be financially successful one simply need to make more than the median income — essentially $50,000 a year, but let’s shoot for $100k and up.

If Aaron wants to be successful (make more than $100k) there are nearly limitless occupations that can generate this that don’t require a degree.

However, for young adults they don’t want to disappoint their parents so they should start proving themselves to be competent before, and if necessary, during college. Then if they choose not continue with school the parents will be less worried their kid will be a failure.

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