Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Be Making SOPs

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I’ve been trying to lay out a convincing argument that the founder of a company is wasting precious resources personally making standard operating procedures. I’ll put my argument here as best I can…

If your business is under $1 million in revenue you don’t have any standard processes in which to write SOPs. If you have “figured” out your processes in such a manner that they are now standard before you’ve reached that mark then you haven’t pushed hard enough into your market. **Go harder. Hire better people who can go as hard as you.**

If you are standardizing early, you’re not growing to your potential and you’re causing extra friction while trying to grow. **You’re diverting attention from money-making to do administration.**

Now for the founder, personally. A founder should be hiring for jobs he/she can’t do — that’s where the BIGGEST IMPACT IN A BUSINESS will happen. He/She can’t possibly write an SOP for something he/she can’t even do.

There are some exceptions to hiring people who do what you do, such as developers and designers where the founder was the first one in the company. Unless the founder wants to be an “artist” then he/she needs to hire replacements as soon as possible and let them figure out the processes.

A founder shouldn’t actually write an SOP or make a video or any labor related to the standardization of a process. It is like having a Ferrari in NYC rush hour traffic — a lot of pent up speed, power, and tuned suspension creeping along every couple of feet and getting slammed by even the smallest pothole.

A founder could be selling like a madman. Striking big deals. Becoming a marketing fiend. Or a founder could be sitting behind a laptop doing an administrative task, in other words, engaging in a GIANT WASTE OF FUCKING TIME AND MONEY AND POSSIBILITY!

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